We have over 15 years of extensive investment and business experience. We are committed to providing unique investment advice to aid in you achieving your personal or organizational goals.


We maintains several relationships where we can help you procure the capital your business needs. We use a system of matching underwriting requirements and borrower objectives to find the best capital solution for your organization.


If you have a company with great business potential but are unable to get it off the ground, we are able to help. We also have extensive experience with energy companies which enables us to provide you with top advice for investing in energy or getting your organization funded by an angel investor.



At Damon Howard Ventures, we enjoy business and winning as well as giving back to those in need through many nonprofit organizations who truly make a difference. We are more than just a private equity firm. Our firm is an investment company dedicated to the ongoing growth and success of each of our clients. We marry together the knowledge and expertise of business and investment consulting with the ability to get deals funded through our network of accredited investors and other funding and lending options.

Our firm looks at each of our client’s individual goals and objectives as well as those of their company to help them tailor a solution to meet those goals and objectives. After discussing our client’s situation extensively, we help to determine the best course of action. The founders of our firm are known for finding solutions to financial roadblocks and bottlenecks in companies which inhibit growth.


With over 15 years of expertise in real estate investment, implementation of effective marketing, procuring funding for companies, and other business solutions, our team at Damon Howard Ventures helps our clients realize success. Whether you are searching for the first time, or a seasoned investor, or anywhere in between, we offer the most personalized service to help you effectively navigate your investment situation.

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