We provide our clients multiple investment options and help advise which is best for their personal or organizational investment goals. Below are the options we provide.

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Damon Howard Ventures is an independent firm who recommends investment solutions based on each clients unique situation and desired levels of return. Our firm, and its founders have extensive investment and business experience over the past 15 years, and we are committed to providing independent and unique investment consultation to aid in the achievement of your personal and organizational goals. We take pride in our ability to find investment opportunities which are outside of just the traditional investing in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Integrity and trust are at the core of our relationships.

We specialize in and enjoy working with:

  • Professionals and Business Owners

  • High Net-Worth Families and Individuals

  • Retirement Plans and Institutions

  • Foundations and Endowments




We are always looking for opportunities in the energy and renewable space: including oil, natural gas, solar, hydro-electric, wind, and even lithium. Our team is highly attuned to investment opportunities here in the United States as well as internationally. If you have any projects you need assistance with, we would like to discuss them with you. Let us be a valuable asset to your team and pull all the pieces needed for you to obtain the perfect deal for your energy project.



If you have a company or a business opportunity with great potential but are stuck with elevating it to the
next level, Damon Howard Ventures can help. Whether you need funding, strategic partners, marketing assistance, or implementing a better investment system, our firm will analyze your situation and present solutions to help finalize your funding and propel your business to new levels. Our main mission in all of our investment solutions is finding the "Win-Win" to maximize the reduction of friction for you to meet your investment and organization goals. 




Many of our clients place their trust in our firm  to represent their financing needs to capital markets. Damon Howard Ventures maintains several relationships which we can help you procure the capital your business needs. There are several elements our investors consider when
evaluating your individual capital needs and calculating  potential risks and terms we obtain for you.

We match the underwriting requirements and your investment objectives to the lender whose programs best meet what you need. Our firm will assist you in capturing the most competitive capital as well while quarter-backing your financing from beginning to end. Everything from the completion of applications for the capital markets, negotiating financing proposals, coordination of due diligence, financing commitment and the closing.

Contact us if you are seeking any of the following:

  • Joint Ventures

  • Forward Commitments

  • Conventional Financing

  • CMBS Financing

  • Construction Loans

  • Bridge/Interim Loans

  • Fixed Rate Permanent loans

  • Credit Tenant Financing

  • SBA Financing

  • Mezzanine Financing

  • Floating Rate Loans

  • Participating Loans

  • Equity Finance

  • Structured Finance

  • Life Company Financing

  • Factoring

  • Revenue Advancing




Damon Howard Ventures is a big believer in real estate investments. Whether you are looking for funding for commercial properties, a joint venture partner, or looking to invest your capital through a team such as ours who can do all the legwork and put a profitable deal together which is backed by a hard asset, then we should set up a time to discuss some opportunities.

Our team uses the market approach, cost approach, and income approach when determining value of a property or group of properties. If you are seeking funding, be aware the borrower/owner is the user with a purpose, a lending institution will find a value that is closest to a resale price, sometimes higher and sometimes lower than the borrower/owners opinion. Ultimately, to a lender,
a property can only have the value the lender could fund. We have sources of funding for mobile home and RV parks, hotels, multi-family housing, multi-purpose, office, retail, warehouses, and industrial. 




Residential investment properties are those between 1 and 4 units. We can help you fund purchases or leverage your existing real estate at very agreeable terms. Our firm has funding for SFR, multi-family, and mixed-use properties. If you have a purchase or need to refinance a current high interest or high balance loan, we also have options for this as well.

Underwriters may require proof the borrower/owner is not and will not be the primary or secondary resident of any of the properties (except for commercial properties greater than 4 units). Valuation is based on appraisal, sales and rent comps, condition of property at time of the inspection and purchase price.

If you own a home or property free and clear, we can take a look at taking out an equity credit line on your property and leverage it to reinvest the capital in other cash flowing assets!


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